About Us

EPF was initiated by His Eminence Prof. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, to build dialogue and cooperation all over the world.


We appreciate the value of reconciliation to make a better world free of wars and conflicts and full of understanding, acceptance and respect.

peace building

Building peace within societies is an essential element for developing the constructive individual and group relationships, regardless of color, race, or religion. It is an urgent necessity for a better future for the coming generations.

social entrepreneurship

The way for young people to express their ideas, innovations and solutions to societal problems, and their endeavor to spread peace. This is achieved through training them to plan and implement certain projects, as well as following up with them and guiding them so that they succeed in their endeavors.


Youth are the future leaders, so we seek to develop their skills, build their personalities, and provide them with the knowledge and values necessary to build a better future for them. Likewise, we are keen to empower them and push them to assume responsibilities and involve them in critical decisions and international issues.

Interfaith Dialogue

We seek to create an appropriate environment for making positive interaction between people of different beliefs and religions to enhance the value of interfaith dialogue.